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pack qty alternative for cheap Mut 20 coins

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    Jun 8

    I believe these are nice but the Madden 20 coins bonuses need to be nerfed a little bit but I think having the ability to alter a Madden NFL players group (when he played there in the past) is an enjoyable thing and should not be restricted to powerups (another reason to just get rid of powerups).

    I like training to a specific level but lets face it we just enjoy it because it is a way we can get in over EA if they mess up a roster set but if we're removing power ups consider it gone too, it's really just another sort of alternative currency that produces ultimately ends up making the MUT auction home stale and everything is priced according to training cost per coin instead of the power level and popularity of a card (there are a few exceptions but mostly that is how it is).

    If EA releases a card using a Madden NFL player and lists him as a RE but really plays ROLB that I ought to be able to place that Madden NFL player at ROLB free of penalty. However this won't permit you to put a Madden NFL player in a position they do not play IRL. (Exception being OOP promo).MUT was a reskin for years and years, it's outdated and clunky.

    The shop should have a pack qty alternative for cheap Mut 20 coins those that want to to buy multiple packs. Sets should be brighter and less tedious to complete (referring to the action of incorporating everything to some set). Binder complete rehaul using a lock card option so that you may never quicksell, set or auction the card until Lock is eliminated. Auction Block including more choices and having a maximum bid input would be really fine, not capping auctions at 20 are great too. Really I can list many modifications on the UI side but that would take forever it's time for a change here.