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It is a weapon somewhat like PSO2 Meseta

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    Jun 21

    These are PSO2's version of World of Warcraft's Hunters. Summoners fight using Pets hatched from eggs which could be purchased or dropped. Summoners are flexible in many situations because any assault type can be used by Pets and be switched out in combat. You will not be doing some of the heavy lifting in this class though, just controlling your Pet.Because of their play style, Summoners only get 1 weapon: Harmonizers. It is a weapon somewhat like PSO2 Meseta a conductor's wand. Summoners utilize this to control Pets, however
    they do have a use.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 comes with an extremely versatile class system. All classes tailored to fit your playstyle that was personal, even if it's niche and may be paired. There are a few you wouldn't expect, and a number of combinations, but not all them work well together. So, if you're searching for merely something interesting that works or the best match for your main class, we've got some suggestions.

    There is one thing you need to do before deciding upon a sub-class, though, and that is receive your sub-class license. Like many things, you can be helped by Cofy once you've hit level 20. She'll give you a simple search to defeat two enemies, and (upon your triumphant return) you'll unlock the ability to sub-class.

    With just two pure melee classes in the game now, it seems sensible that Fighter is the for Hunter. Fighter promotes harm, rounding Hunter for solo missions out while being able to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta stand on Urgent Quests with different classes' damage output.