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RS3 it places have more images compared to OSRS gold

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    Jun 28

    Why you think the team needing to maintain another version of graphics at the same time could make that any 27, I am not sure. I mean consider RS3 it places have more images compared to OSRS gold, and a few look amazing, but there's a degree of inconsistency in it.Together with the management this survey is attempting to haul people's remarks, I am very, very, very fearful. Repeatable quests, HD clients, once more hoping to push new skills, etc.. Questions regarding how polling content works in particular is frightful, provided Jagex's current penchant for only compelling content which has failed multiple surveys through as integrity updates.

    Not to mention: Asking for individuals favorite games, place of residence, employment status, and even their PHONE NUMBER is very inappropriate for this type of survey. Appears like an effort for gathering marketing data. Editing this in today that I consider it The longer I consider the telephone number bit it feels to be honest.

    All of us know damn well that Jagex is not currently going to call anyone who answers this survey. Leading people to give their personal information to a survey under the guise of"Wow you're so smart, maybe we will call you for your opinions on forthcoming stuff!" Is disgusting, and I didn't respond extreme enough, if anything.

    The major answer I gave in this survey that I want to get around: The final decision on any material ought to be produced with BOTH the neighborhood AND Jagex working together to Buy Rs gold produce content that's actually worth adding to RuneScape match. Players have proven they'll vote yes to some pretty absurd shit (See the Tome debacle) at which Jagex needs to step in and understand that asking was a mistake, while Jagex has also demonstrated when they forge ahead on their own it doesn't work out well for us.